Bamberg County
on Aging

Welcome to Bamberg County Office on Aging.  We are a public, non-profit organization that has been serving Bamberg County since 1975.  Our logo, "Wheels of Love" is unique to the agency and its service delivery.  The wheels represent almost 100 volunteers who share their time and talents to help deliver meals or help daily at our congregate meal site.  The hub of the wheel represents the agency, its staff, and the Advisory Board.  The spokes represent all the different kinds of services provided to help us achieve our end goals: 

  •      Independence
  •      Being able to remain in one's own home environment
  •      The ability to make decisions that affect one's own life

These goals are the cornerstone of our services.  Our services are only the tools which help us reach our goals.

The mission of Bamberg County Office on Aging is to contribute to the well-being and improve the quality of life for older adults in Bamberg County and to provide activities and services that promote independence and continuing participation in the community.

You will find that by volunteering, you will find happiness and strength.

Call (803) 245-3021 for details.

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